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An Unexpected Burst of Inspiration

I was recently reviewing a video a project on Vimeo. After I had moved on to checking my email, the website auto advanced to the next video chosen at random. Up came this delightful little gem and it pulled me right in. If you have eight minutes or so to spare, I’ll be glad to put this blog on pause.

DOGWALKER from Kim Sherman on Vimeo.


Dogwalker is the handiwork of independent film producer Kim Sherman. She’s well regarded and has a smattering of major film work, but upon discovering more it appears she focuses on shorts. She crafts them. Using actors you’ve never seen and music you’ve never heard and creating a moment that sucks you in, body and soul.  It is the essence of taking a simple story and executing it though craftsmanship and creativity.

There are a lot of correlations between advertising and film making. This film reminded me of the joy and satisfaction you get by doing the little things right in a project and how the little things have a cumulative effect. 

As the advertising industry has migrated to a data driven model, creativity remains the thing that drives the data.

“An algorithm cannot come up with the perfect gift for your wife,” said Stephan Beringer, Publicis Media’s data, technology and innovation practice chief.

None other than Mark Cuban stresses the importance of creative thinking. The tech billionaire and Shark Tank star stresses that virtually all jobs requiring repetitive tasks will disappear in the coming years, but finding technology that can replicate true creative thinking may never happen.  And creativity is not the exclusive domain for filmmakers and creative directors. 

For more thoughts on the relationship between creativity and data, enjoy this article from The Drum.

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