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Tradeshow Planning: Keeping your Agency in the Mix

Tradeshows. More than likely you’ve attended one at some point.  Whether shopping for Christmas gifts or looking for a hand-blown glass vase for your Aunt Linda, tradeshows offer something for everyone.  These events can be a great way to spend the afternoon looking for that special something or stumbling upon an item you didn’t even know you wanted (but now you’ve got to have) and this holds true for personal and business consumers alike. Whether you’re selling gems and jewelry, or demonstrating the latest in aerospace technology, there is a tradeshow for you.

But when you’re working in business, tradeshows take on a very different meaning than if you’re shopping for personal pleasure.  For businesses, a tradeshow is an exhibition organized so that companies in specific industries can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, study activities of competitors, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.  And, like the swimsuit competition in the Miss USA pageant, you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Besides simple logistics such as figuring out airfare, hotels, and which restaurants to make reservations for, there is a lot of additional prep work to make sure you’re ready.  Depending on the size of the show, you should be preparing anywhere from 6-12 months ahead of time.  If you find yourself waiting two weeks before a show to prepare, have fun sleeping in a cardboard box and decorating your booth with construction paper and markers.

Adding a supporting marketing and PR team to the mix can be really beneficial:

Booth space: We can help you lay out your space, select the appropriate booth, design some kick-ass graphics, secure the rentals, navigate all the paperwork and make sure everything arrives on time.

Marketing: The moment you start to think about exhibiting at a tradeshow, you’re going to be inundated with promotional opportunities.  Let our team evaluate whether you need to be in the show journal or part of the mobile app.  Do you need to do a pre-show mailer?  How about a giveaway? Those are the types of questions we love to help answer.

Public Relations: Did you know that most shows have media that attend and you can set up appointments to meet with them and share your story?  Our PR department does. And they will make sure you’re set up with a great media kit to boot.  Our team will prepare your press releases, evaluate speaking opportunities and plan your social media strategy to make sure that you’re not lost in the crowd of exhibitors. After all, isn’t that why you’re spending all this money?  

On-site support: Our support doesn’t stop when you get on the plane.  We will be your go-to team every step of the way.  Having us on site to handle logistics, speak to the media, and evaluate the competition allows you to focus on your customers.  Not to mention, we’re just really cool and fun people to be around and we always travel with a spare roll of duct tape.

Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you make your next show a success.

Laura Wood, Senior Account Manager

Topics: Brand Management