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Is it time for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to end?

By Anthony Hardman

When it comes to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, opinions are split. Many think it’s played out and are tired of the challenges and subsequent videos. Others contend that there are a lot of other worthy causes to give to, and question whether or not ALS deserves all the attention.

Personally, I was already tired of the constant barrage of posts over a week ago and hoped like heck that no one would challenge me. Then someone did.

This challenge forced me to evaluate my stance, and decide if I would join the masses. After much internal back and forth, I decided to do it. Here is my rationalization:

Yes the videos and posts are annoying, but there are some remarkable truths that can’t be ignored.

  1. This campaign has brought attention to a terrible disease that is underfunded, and often ignored.
  1. As a result of this awareness, other equally deserving charities have gained attention and donations. 
  1. Social media has an amazing ability to connect people globally in a way that can spark positive change like nothing else ever has. Other things have gone viral, Harlem Shake anyone? But, nothing of this magnitude has ever come around to create such a positive impact.

 Because of these truths, I joined in, and I’m proud to say that Access Advertising & Public Relations did too when my seven-year-old daughter challenged us.

Many other brands have taken the challenge, and done it very well. Check out this article from ADWEEK highlighting some of the best: “10 Brands That Got Creative With the Ice Bucket Challenge.

At Access, we’ve decided to take the challenge a little further. In the spirit of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, we challenge everyone to give any time they can to any worthy cause.

As evidenced by this wildly successful campaign, every little bit counts.


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