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Three more months to go in 2013, are you ready for 2014?

My first idea for this post was along the lines of Back to School and how it’s a fresh start for the rest of the year.  Time to plan and get back to a routine; time to get things in order and make lists…you know what I mean.  But I didn’t have time between mid-August and now to write everything down.

Let’s get straight to it: are you ready for 2014?  What do you usually do in the last three months of the year to make the beginning of the next year easier? 

In our business, if you’re one of our clients, we’re wrapping up 2013 and talking to you about October and November as the prime time to plan for 2014.  If you’re running advertising, those ads need to be booked now for the best rates for the entire next year.  If you’re looking at news stories for the annual “New Year, New You” features in magazines in print and online, we’re already predicting some upcoming trends for you and shaping our pitch because it’s due by Oct. 15, 2013…not on Jan. 1, 2014.  In the worlds of advertising and public relations, I’m not sure we ever have a lull in the calendar year.  We’re tied to timelines and deadlines that keep us on our toes and on top of a lot of interesting topics. 

Personally, this is a good time of the year to review your own goals and still make the list.  What have you accomplished?  What do you want to accomplish?  Maybe it’s time to find a little more work-life balance and modify some of the goals.  Perhaps you want to read just three more books instead of five before the end of the year…or you want to try a new recipe once a week before hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. 

Whatever your objective, use October 1 as a launch date to make it happen before 2013 says so-long.  You might even get a jumpstart on 2014.  

Susan Caldwell, Public Relations Account Manager

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