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Thoughts on the Unskippable Ad

By Todd Marcum, President

Well, if you haven’t seen it, you will. For a few days it’s going to be as ubiquitous as the white and gold (blue and black?) dress. It’s GEICO’s unskippable ad. We had a little fun talking about it around the office and thought we would share our thoughts.

More people liked it than loathed it and the thoughts were pretty interesting.

One of the observations is that GEICO is one of a handful of brands that is strong enough to get away with an ad like that. It only has the opportunity to be successful because it stands on the shoulders of the Gecko, the caveman, Maxwell the pig, the picking rhetorical questions campaign and billions of dollars in ad spend.

Tony pointed out the sheer brilliance of having the people hold still instead of doing it with special effects.

Some of us wondered how many takes it took and if they had other dogs or not.

Laura and Rachel, who both admit to abhorring autoplay ads, said they enjoyed it and watched it all the way to the end. It certainly had a lava lamp effect. You kind of know what to expect, but you watch it anyway.

Probably the most interesting thing to me is that it directly addresses the challenge of the Internet that nobody really likes to talk about: Everybody wants to use the Internet but nobody wants to watch ads on it. GEICO gets in, gets out, and keeps you staring at (or around) the logo for another 30 seconds. The ad may or may not be genius, but the effect is.

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