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Teen angst: Why doesn’t Sam have more Facebook friends?

Nobody likes Sam.

She gets attention, for sure, but I have yet to met anyone who doesn’t bristle at the mention of the Pippi-Longstocking-esqe Ntelos spokesteen. You would think it would be a blow to her self-image, but she seems to be doing fine, texting her BFFs and enjoying the social media features of her smartphone.

If Sam were just another grating ad campaign, it would be worthy of little note. We’ve all seen them. Heck, a lot of us have produced them.  But aside from a couple of well-written lines that are obscured by the over-the-top nature of the campaign, there is a hidden gem that is worth note from people who enjoy good creative.

Sam has a Facebook page. And not just a facebook page, but a good one that talks about things teens care about…Go Team Edward! I would strongly suggest you check it out, though I should caution you that Friending her might encourage her.

But here’s the part that makes me wonder…for the millions of dollars that Ntelos has poured into the campaign, Sam has less than 300 “friends,” despite a very well-crafted social media presence. My daughter, who is about the same age as Sam, has just as many Facebook friends, without the benefit of an ad campaign, or one of those cool smartphones Sam keeps jabbering about.

Why is that? I suspect people don’t like Sam’s persona and feel funny about signing up to follow a Facebook personality that is not a real person…and I don’t think Ntelos has done a very good job promoting this social media presence.

I would be happy to let you know what other lessons and best practices we can take from Sam’s Facebook experience, but in truth, it’s hard to really know anything about social media. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Hats off for doing a nice job on the page…thumbs down for not promoting it.

Check out Sam on Facebook or watch the TV spot below.

– Todd

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