Rachel Spencer

Vice President Strategic Communications / Associate

Rachel became interested in behavioral influences as a sociology major in college. This background makes her ideally suited to manage our public relations efforts as well as direct research, discovery, and communications strategies for our clients. While others blindly push organizations forward with little regard for understanding, Rachel helps clients take a step back and consider the why, not just the what. Detailed research and a strategic approach to data-driven marketing campaigns help clients make sense of behavior, reach target audiences at a human level, and ultimately be heard above the noise of an ever-expanding marketing landscape. Specializing in qualitative research, Rachel’s tailored approach explores what you don’t know and finds answers to the questions you’ve never asked.

Career sans advertising

HR or meteorology. The latter may or may not have been influenced by Helen Hunt in Twister.


Rachel's Blog Posts

Healthcare Marketing Micro-Moments: There’s Work to Be Done

In the healthcare world especially, marketing professionals live and die by micro-moment decisions occurring online at rapid speeds. These days, the question upon which hospitals and private practices must focus is no longer ‘where are patients looking?’ But instead, ‘what do patients need to see?’ Last week, a post popped up in my Facebook news

4 Favorite Quotes to Inspire Your Marketing Research

As Access’ resident researcher, I can always find an issue that would benefit from further exploration. While many enthusiastically agree that research is a vital component to the project at hand, there are occasional situations (usually timeline or budget driven) where I find myself shouting excitedly about a particularly awesome fact-finding mission to a room

Sometimes babies spit up; And other maternity leave marketing lessons

By: Rachel Spencer, Director of Business Intelligence  Throughout my recent maternity leave, I spent my days re-acclimating myself to the demands and idiosyncrasies of a newborn. As this wasn’t my first rodeo, I even managed to stay in touch with my Access family and managed a few projects here and there in between infant giggles,

Beware these 4 Simple Survey Mistakes

Here’s a fact about me. If I get a request to take a survey – be it through email, social media, or the good ol’ fashioned mailbox – I will take it. Whether or not you provide me any incentive to do so (although money and free stuff doesn’t hurt,) I’ll take it because my

4 customer insights to know before going to market

If I asked you to tell me about your typical customer, what would you say? How much of what you think you know is based on assumption and how much is only surface deep? To get at the truly meaty stuff that’s going to help you provide better products, services and grow your business, there

Ouch, Rhode Island. Not Cool.

By Rachel Spencer, Director of Business Intelligence If you’re in the advertising business, you’re cringing right now at the Cooler and Warmer campaign debacle in which the state of Rhode Island has found itself. In case you missed it, the New York Times has it WELL covered. There are so many elements that went wrong

Sweet Emotion

By Rachel Spencer, Director of Business Intelligence On the Myers-Briggs scale, I am a solid INFP. In simple terms, it means I geek out on establishing personal connections. I’d rather spend an hour really getting to know someone than making small talk with 50 people at a networking luncheon. I spend a lot of time

Roanoke’s Access Advertising & Public Relations Creates Research Division

Rachel Spencer promoted to Director of Research Access Advertising & Public Relations today announced the promotion of Rachel Spencer to Director of Research and head of the company’s new research division. Access offers its clients the capability to create both qualitative and quantitative research projects using focus groups, individual interviews (IDIs), phone and online surveys.

7 Communication Lessons We’ve Learned From Twitter

Rachel Spencer, Senior PR Account Manager Last week, Twitter turned seven.  In its young life, the social media site has amassed more than 200 million users.  When I turned seven, I’m pretty sure I only knew about 30 people, tops.  Twitter has had a dramatic influence on the ways we communicate with each other –