Misty Smith-Klein

Senior Account Manager

Whether you recognize her as a partner, a colleague, or your advertising liaison, Misty is one thing to all clients – a guiding light. Misty focuses her natural talent and personal enthusiasm for project management to put a client’s mind at ease with consistent communication and detailed workflow systems. As senior account manager, Misty plays an invaluable role in managing client expectations, supervising budgets, and organizing strategies. Your advocate for projects that stay on budget and are delivered on time, Misty’s uncompromising dedication to client satisfaction places her firmly in your corner for the duration of any marketing challenge.

Career sans advertising

HR. I love developing a strong team.


Misty's Blog Posts

Trade pubs can help you keep up with industry trends or gather dust. It’s up to you.

Advertising, like many industries, has a wide variety of trade publications that offer industry insights, predictions, new technologies, etc. One such publication that I enjoy is Adweek. Unfortunately, I’m sure it is equally as common in your daily life as it is in mine for daily tasks to take over every second of available time

Two Err is Human: 5 Do’s and Don’ts Every Account Manager Should Know

I’m like anyone. I don’t like making mistakes. Seriously, I really don’t like when things go wrong. I’m pretty sure a kitten dies every time I make a mistake. Maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea. We all have our own reactions when something goes awry or a client is upset. There

Five things my kids have taught me about advertising.

My two little boys would live outside in their tree fort if we would let them (and there have been days I’ve been tempted to say yes), but when they are inside, things are chaotic with the TV on along with tablets.  So working in advertising, I’ve found it enlightening and sometimes amusing, to see

Life’s too short, right?

It usually started to set in Sunday midday, maybe earlier; that feeling in the pit of my stomach, the decline in my mood.  By the time Monday morning rolled around, I would be in full-fledged stress-mode and felt generally unhappy, oftentimes even sad.  There may be some light moments throughout each day, but every time