Michael Craighead

Art Director

Michael’s passion for creative problem solving through artistic exploration drew him to communications. In search of a career that appreciates creativity and rewards artistic skill, Michael’s place in advertising is tackling the “difficult” projects that require creative study and problem solving. A master stylist, Michael uncovers a brand’s individual persona and visually expands that identity through unique brand marks, infographics, website designs, vivid digital animations, and visual storytelling. Energized by technological advancements in the industry that have injected opportunities for more genuine and personal communication, Michael’s celebrated illustrations and animations drive customer engagement and actionable response around the world.

Career sans advertising

Unemployed artist.


Michael's Blog Posts

How to successfully rig your Photoshop character in After Effects.

The Cartoon Series Part 1 It is best to have a basic understanding of Photoshop and After Effects before jumping into this tutorial. If you are just starting to use these programs, I would recommend checking out TastyTuts’ content to learn more about Photoshop and Kriscoart for After Effects. Character Design. Keep it simple Keep your

Five globally recognized logos reimagined as Vintage Tattoos

Strong brands search for inspiring imagery to illustrate their mission, vision and services in one, unique image. A logo. The manifestation of your brand. Built through decades of strategic branding initiatives, established logos can translate your brand message to specific audiences in one glance. These strong, proven logos immediately evoke brand imagery, advertising, products, services,

Walt Freakin’ Disney

By Michael Craighead, Graphic Designer I have recently discovered a love for traditional animation. Traditional animation or “frame by frame” animation can be both a blessing and a curse. Depending on the frame rate you choose for your animation, expect to be sucked into a black hole of paper and pencil shavings.  Traditional frame rates

Material Girl in a Digital World

By Michael Craighead, Graphic Designer  The rate at which technology is evolving allows a separation and converging of a long standing duality between graphic design and the fine arts. Anyone who has access to a computer or laptop built within the last few years now has the ability to master the artistic techniques that were