Jeremy Butterfield

Director of Public Relations

Having worked closely with public relations practitioners during his career as a television news reporter, Jeremy’s move to the other side of the camera was a fitting transition. A natural communicator, Jeremy enjoys creatively redeveloping content, rethinking strategies, and reinventing perceptions to deliver impact for clients outside of just earned media impressions. Jeremy is an award-winning PR professional and serves on the Executive Board of the Blue Ridge Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. In addition to the typical skills you should expect from every PR professional, Jeremy’s diverse communications background includes concert promotion, political lobbying, fundraising, and event coordination.

Career sans advertising

Stuntman or getaway driver. Probably best for everyone that I went with communications. 


Jeremy's Blog Posts

Horizontal Horror: What PR pros can learn from Instagram’s accidental update.

December 27, 2018. A day that will live on in Instagram infamy. At least for some irate users of the popular photo-sharing social media platform who woke up to find an update altering their Instagram news feed from a vertical scrolling, to a horizontal swiping layout. The horror! Although the update only lasted for a

4 Tips to Keep your Office’s Content Marketing program churning

The marketing world is beginning to find consensus on the value and role that content marketing plays in a strategic marketing approach for business success. For those who are unfamiliar, content marketing is a non-interruptive marketing strategy that doesn’t seek to sell consumers, but rather inform them, thereby building brand loyalty and ultimately a new

Did a Hashtag Make the #Deschutes2Rke Difference?

By Jeremy Butterfield, Director of Public Relations Like any good Roanoker, I love to hear positive economic news coming out of our region, but I especially appreciate it when that good news involves craft beer. Not surprisingly, our office is thrilled with the announcement that Oregon-based Deschutes Brewery chose Roanoke as the site for its

You can practically smell it

By Jeremy Butterfield, Director of Public Relations Every PR pro and advertising professional wants to write copy that drives synergistic ROI and enables cutting-edge channels of communication. Ultimately, that message is leveraged by a company to expedite one-to-one users and incentivize distributed metrics. Warning: The preceding paragraph is filled with bullshit. Thanks to the wonders

A Fresh Perspective

By Jeremy Butterfield, Director of Public Relations The passage of time can lead to a slightly stagnant view of the world around us. Incredibly, city centerpieces, such as Roanoke’s 10,000-pound neon star, securely set on top of a 1,000 foot mountain and overlooking a beautifully bustling valley, can be easily overlooked if enough time passes.

It’s time to get a cat

By Jeremy Butterfield,  PR Senior Account Executive Few headlines describe the power of the Internet better than Business Insider’s recent “Grumpy Cat Has Earned Her Owner Nearly $100 Million In Just 2 Years.” Wait, what? Let’s learn from what Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) has taught us.   It pays to be genuine Grumpy Cat

From Classroom Disruption, to Public Relations Professional

By Jeremy Butterfield, PR Senior Account Executive From my early years on, I spent a notable amount being punished for the many classroom disruptions I created with ease. 5th grade. Age 10. Basshoover Elementary. Home of the Basshoover Stingers. One of the craftier (while ultimately unsuccessful) classroom punishments to date backfires into an opportunity for