Greg Keene

Senior Programmer

Satisfying a lifelong interest in computers, Greg began his career as a programmer before landing in the wide world of web development. Intrigued by rapidly evolving technologies, Greg transitioned from managing a U.S. Postal Service network to the programming variety that only an advertising agency can deliver. Presented with unique challenges every day, Greg’s diverse skill set allows him to break free from prebuilt, template-driven boundaries and create the custom-built websites and digital resources our clients need. Does your web team need more convincing? Feel free to copy and paste the following: Greg is fluent in PHP and Javascript, as well as ASP, C#, and Cold Fusion. He develops databases and user-managed back ends through MySQL, SQLServer, or PostGreSQL that are functional, friendly, and powerful.

Career sans advertising

History professor. I have a degree in history and still enjoy reading up on it today.


Greg's Blog Posts

Should I update my existing site or start from scratch?

When a client approaches Access with a web project, a common scenario is they already have a website, but want it “freshened up a bit.” And there is nothing at all wrong with that. In fact, as the web is continuing to evolve rapidly, a website can begin to look stale pretty quickly. Sites created

The Future of the Web

It may be hard to believe, but the web is only about 25 years old. Most people tend to think of the internet and the web as the same thing, but in reality they are completely different. The internet has been around much longer than the web. Tim Berners-Lee invented the web in 1990, but

Should there be an app for that?

Way back in 2007 Shrek the Third premiered, Jason Lewis completed the first human-powered circumnavigation of the globe, and, oh yeah, Apple released its first iPhone. It was just a fad. Despite being small and horribly underpowered by today’s standards, it kicked off the smartphone revolution. Other companies had beat Apple to market with their

I want a slideshow! A programmer’s take on why user empathy, not flashy trends is key to a great website.

When I first started creating websites AOL and Netscape were fighting for control of the World Wide Web (spoiler alert: neither won.) In those days, the web was very different. Dial-up connection speeds and non-existent standards meant that most websites were mostly text with maybe a tiny, grainy picture in the corner that took forever

Should programming be adopted as core curriculum?

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about teaching programming as part of a standard education. Many politicians and even large tech companies such as Microsoft and Facebook have voiced their support for including programming classes as part of a core curriculum. Some of the companies have even offered up money and scholarships to