DeShea Witcher

Director, Digital Marketing

You recognize the words. PPC campaign, lead generation, conversion tracking, website optimization; the list goes on and on. DeShea prides himself on serving as your trusted resource for SEO and SEM programs by removing the technical jargon and bridging the gap between your digital campaign and overall marketing initiatives. Digital marketing can be mystifying. Evolving technologies bring constant change and without an expert by your side to weed out fake traffic and empty impressions, achieving a real ROI can be a significant challenge. An entrepreneur himself, DeShea feels a personal responsibility to establish key performance indicators and create actionable leads that drive revenue. DeShea maintains more than a dozen active certifications from both Google and HubSpot to stay on the cusp of the developing digital movement.

Career sans advertising

Retail sales. But the ability to do my job from Anywhere, USA is what I really wanted.


DeShea's Blog Posts

Tips for a Strong Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

In a world where consumers rely on apps and websites to make their healthcare decisions, it’s essential to stay in the forefront of digital marketing strategies. Below are key elements to deploying a strong healthcare digital marketing strategy, guaranteed to reach your target demographics.   A Good Website Your website is your patients’ first impression

GDPR: What It Is and How It Might Affect Your International Business (Hint: A $24 Million Fine)

You’ve probably received several emails from companies such as Google, domain hosts, and CRM companies explaining changes to their privacy policies. There is a very good reason for that. A $24 million or €20.5 million fine for not updating your privacy policy. Below are videos that explain what GDPR has to do with these changes,

How to Analyze Your Google Analytics in 20 minutes

Supporting Video Links: PowerPoint Download Link:  How to set up Google Analytics: How to set up Goals in Google Analytics: How to set up Google Webmaster Tools: Audience Overview Overall bounce rate benchmarks 26%-40% – Excellent 41%-55% – Average 56%-70% – Needs work or further analysis Take spam traffic into account Look