DeShea Witcher

Director, Digital Marketing

DeShea specializes in digital marketing initiatives such as search engine optimization and marketing. Techniques include PPC campaigns, content marketing, conversion tracking, and website optimization. His expertise establishes our clients’ key performance indicators, increases website traffic, and creates leads. DeShea is a proven self-motivator with an entrepreneurial spirit. He owned and operated a marketing company that pioneered creative online campaigns optimized for lead conversions. DeShea discovered his passion for SEO and SEM as a young web designer, realizing that without website traffic, a good design is like a billboard in the desert.

DeShea's Blog Posts

How to Analyze Your Google Analytics in 20 minutes

Supporting Video Links: PowerPoint Download Link:  How to set up Google Analytics: How to set up Goals in Google Analytics: How to set up Google Webmaster Tools:   Audience Overview Overall bounce rate benchmarks 26%-40% – Excellent 41%-55% – Average 56%-70% – Needs work or further analysis Take spam traffic into account Read More.