Chris Henson

Creative Director

It may sound odd for a creative, but the real excitement for this skilled graphic artist isn’t in the design. For Chris, the revelry begins when the work is done, the campaign has launched, and the needle has moved. As he puts it, “When our work does its job.” Chris is one of Access’ most imaginative minds. The unrelenting pull of artistic pursuits led Chris to advertising and now he couldn’t imagine doing anything else. After finding his place, the consummate creative devoted all focus to amplifying the voice of every client through design. As an artist, writer, composer, editor, conceptual thinker, and energetic collaborator, Chris has helped create award-winning advertising in diverse markets nationwide.

Career sans advertising

I have almost been a truck driver, industrial engineer, famous rock drummer, shop owner, weatherman, film composer, and radio station manager.


Chris's Blog Posts

We canceled our holiday party. And this is why.

Like most places, the office Christmas party had been an annual tradition at Access since the beginning. But a couple of years ago, we decided it was time for a change. We enjoy hanging out with our Access family, but wanted a new tradition that stoked the holiday spirit and provided an opportunity to give

Getting the Most Out of Your Agency Internship

Meet Devin Arrington, a junior at James Madison University, where he’s studying Media Arts and Design and — more importantly — is a bass player in the university symphony and jazz band. When I learned that Devin plays bass, I leapt at the opportunity to sing one of my dad’s absolute favorite songs: Johnny Mercer’s

Everything Everybody Says is a Band Name

My unquiet mind is forever trying to uncover band names in everyday conversation. A few years ago, I began interrupting people mid-sentence to hold up my hands in the shape of a copyright symbol — the right hand forms the “C” while the left creates the suggestion of the circle around it — and then

My Fundraising Odyssey: 5 Lessons from the Social Media Trenches

Just about one year ago, on September 1st, our then 17-year-old daughter Charley was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As you can imagine, the diagnosis has come as quite a shock to us. After some initial disbelief, then despair, and a helping of anger, we’re dealing with it. Charley has impressed us with her drive

A Teachable Moment in Online Marketing

  When I’m not a creative director at Access or a lay-about husband and father at home, I’m a semi-professional musician of the Power Pop genre. I’m in a local band. And from time to time, I write songs. Here are some of the many comments my songs have received over the years: “This was

The End of “Mad Men” and an age of “–isms”

By Chris Henson, Creative Director Darren Stevens was an idiot. Sure, he married a woman who was several levels above his pay grade in looks, intelligence and personality. But she could work magic. And he strictly forbid it. Idiot. Is it any wonder he worked in advertising in the 60s? “Bewitched” was a classic TV show

The Trademark Forest and the Trees

By Chris Henson, Creative Director A very good friend of mine posted this thought-provoking meme on Facebook the other day. What it says — that the average American child can recognize 1,000 corporate logos, but can’t identify 10 plants or animals native to their own region — is indeed true. I totally get the intent of

Understanding the YouTube Generation

By Chris Henson, Creative Director Our daughter is deeply ensconced in what is called “The YouTube Generation,” roughly one hundred trillion young people who get the majority of their entertainment from YouTube. And not the YouTube that you and I watch on our steam-powered computers — not the falling kittens or rapping parents or “A Hobo

Bill from electronic toll misses golden tourism opportunity

By Chris Henson, Creative Director A few weeks ago — Thursday, August 7th at precisely 10:23 AM, in fact — I drove through the Downtown Tunnel connecting Norfolk and Portsmouth. I’ve gone this way many times when visiting my in-laws in Norfolk. But this time was different. I was charged a toll, and the City

“Razors and Blades” — Why the Father of the World’s Most Successful Business Model Is Taking It on the Chin

There was a time when a man would take a chunk of smooth rock — preferably black volcanic glass called obsidian — chip off an extremely sharp sliver or two, and

“BECAUSE I SAID SO!” Popular Science Magazine to shut down online reader comments.

Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” A more modern interpretation of this truism might be, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Today, we can easily measure how much someone or something is being talked about. Simply scroll

How do you catch the news? Is your favorite method obsolete?

A good friend of mine, who is a brilliant print journalist, recently posed this question — ironically, on Facebook: “How do you catch the news?” It’s definitely worth thinking about, and a lot of people weighed in. In a world where we can read just about any newspaper instantly online, do we really need to

To boldly go before the Congressional Ways and Means Committee.

 Chris Henson, Creative Director Most enormous organizations — universities, corporations, armies and cults — have their own video production teams and studios tasked with creating short training videos for new and current employees. It’s an easy way to get loads of important information into the soft, mushy brains of staffers in far-flung facilities while insuring

Whatever Happened to Commercial Jingles?

By Chris Henson, Creative Director, Access People say the Great American Advertising Jingle is a thing of the past. And you know what? It’s true. You only need to hear the wretched warbling in the current Truvia® ads (Talk about your artificial sweetness…) once to know that the jingle is dead. Or at least, not