Brandi Dawson

Senior Account Manager

Brandi develops and elevates relationships with clients and works with them to identify, refine, and meet their goals by leveraging robust organization, keen attention to detail, and dedicated management of deadlines and budgets. Before joining Access, she worked in the newsroom at WDBJ7 and accrued vital experience on the client side in higher education and healthcare, coordinating marketing efforts at Virginia Tech and LewisGale Regional Health System.

Brandi's Blog Posts

Proofreading. If you can’t spell, pay someone who can!

Bad grammar isn’t just annoying to badge-carrying members of the grammar police like me. It affects a company’s trustworthiness, credibility, and even sales. While I’d like to drone on about all the funny memes I can’t share because of mistakes or hidden rocks painted with misspelled words like I usually do, today’s blog is only Read More.

The Controversial Oxford Comma

It seems so simple. The final comma in a list of things. But oh, it’s so much more. Also known as the serial comma. Lesser known as the Harvard comma or series comma. And known to me as a thorn in my side on an almost daily basis. I wonder how many red markers I’ve Read More.

Reflecting on the Evolution of Olympic Coverage in the Media

I know what you’re thinking, it’s October and the Olympics are long gone. Lochte’s night out, Bolt’s relaxed smile and Phelps’ medals record are all behind us. But media impressions data continues to stream in from Olympic coverage that showcases a redeveloping media landscape that advertisers like us always have on our minds.  Every four years, I Read More.

I’m a crybaby…and an advertiser’s dream

By Brandi Dawson, Account Executive A commercial that makes you laugh can be memorable. A commercial that brings tears to your eyes, even more so. A commercial that makes you ugly-cry at your desk in an open office in front of your coworkers? An advertiser’s dream. Subaru’s “Dream Weekend” commercial is just that. An old Read More.

Prufreeding 101

By Brandi Dawson, Account Executive Proofreading has always come easily to me – sometimes it’s more of a curse. It truly UPSETS me when I see something that has been published with a mistake in it. I wish that I didn’t notice these things, or at least not care, but alas. Restaurant menus have left Read More.

Time Management Tips for Those Seemingly Stuck in a Time Loop

by Brandi Dawson, Account Executive I recently moved and am now driving an hour and 15 minutes to work – each way – as opposed to the 10 minute drive I had been accustomed to for years. You wouldn’t think (or at least, I didn’t expect) that losing a little over two hours each day Read More.

When An Ad Is More Than Just An Ad

Between working in marketing and advertising and being involved in theatre, there aren’t many things I don’t question when it comes to performance, whether it’s a movie, TV show, commercial or play. And on top of that, I’m cynical to begin with. As much as I hate to do it and try not to, I Read More.