Birthed as a creative, Tony has intentionally pursued this life since being voted Most Creative by his Eastern Montgomery High School classmates. Decades later, adventures in brand development continue to challenge and inspire the Access co-founder. Motivated by the development of creative solutions in the face of demanding challenges, Tony thrives when communicating human emotion through advertising. An industry thought leader, Tony has served as chair of the National ADDY Committee, a member of the national AAF Board of Directors, is the recipient of the AAF Silver Medal for lifetime contributions to the advertising industry, and even spent a brief time as an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Tech. Tony’s work ethic in life translates to a strong devotion to the creation of new ideas and their impact on clients.

Career sans advertising

Architect. Sadly, math isn’t my thing.

RACHEL SPENCERVice President Strategic Communications / Associate

Rachel became interested in behavioral influences as a sociology major in college. This background makes her ideally suited to manage our public relations efforts as well as direct research, discovery, and communications strategies for our clients. While others blindly push organizations forward with little regard for understanding, Rachel helps clients take a step back and consider the why, not just the what. Detailed research and a strategic approach to data-driven marketing campaigns help clients make sense of behavior, reach target audiences at a human level, and ultimately be heard above the noise of an ever-expanding marketing landscape. Specializing in qualitative research, Rachel’s tailored approach explores what you don’t know and finds answers to the questions you’ve never asked.

Career sans advertising

HR or meteorology. The latter may or may not have been influenced by Helen Hunt in Twister.

KRISTINE BAILEYVice President / Creative Director / Associate

Kris’ love for typography and color theory is only surpassed by her professional sophistication and exuberant artistry. Our first and most decorated employee, Kris has helped our clients achieve their conceptual visions from the very beginning of this experiment called Access. Whether making your content work in a defined space or designing from a blank canvas, Kris enjoys solving the intriguing layout puzzles presented to her on a daily basis. Graphic design allows Kris the opportunity to collaborate regularly with the best in photography, illustration, and type to create a symphony of designs and award-winning publications.

Career sans advertising

Sloth rescue. Honestly, I never truly considered anything else.

CHRIS HENSONCreative Director

It may sound odd for a creative, but the real excitement for this skilled graphic artist isn’t in the design. For Chris, the revelry begins when the work is done, the campaign has launched, and the needle has moved. As he puts it, “When our work does its job.” Chris is one of Access’ most imaginative minds. The unrelenting pull of artistic pursuits led Chris to advertising and now he couldn’t imagine doing anything else. After finding his place, the consummate creative devoted all focus to amplifying the voice of every client through design. As an artist, writer, composer, editor, conceptual thinker, and energetic collaborator, Chris has helped create award-winning advertising in diverse markets nationwide.

Career sans advertising

I have almost been a truck driver, industrial engineer, famous rock drummer, shop owner, weatherman, film composer, and radio station manager.

GREG KEENEDirector of Development

Satisfying a lifelong interest in computers, Greg began his career as a programmer before landing in the wide world of web development. Intrigued by rapidly evolving technologies, Greg transitioned from managing a U.S. Postal Service network to the programming variety that only a firm can deliver. Presented with unique challenges every day, Greg’s diverse skill set allows him to break free from prebuilt, template-driven boundaries and create the custom-built websites and digital resources our clients need. Does your web team need more convincing? Feel free to copy and paste the following: Greg is fluent in PHP and Javascript, as well as ASP, C#, and ColdFusion. He develops databases and user-managed backends through MySQL, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL that are functional, friendly, and powerful.

Career sans advertising

History professor. I have a degree in history and still enjoy reading up on it today.


No stranger to agency life, Niki began her career as a graphic designer before turning her attention to website design and development years later. Fluent in WordPress, her diverse experience in code using HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and Sass enables her to build custom, hand-coded websites that are fast, flexible, and scalable. In today’s increasingly digital environment, Niki understands the importance of your brand’s online presence, from backends to front and everything in between.

Career sans advertising

Dressage rider. I’ve been riding since I was two years old and have always enjoyed riding and training horses.

MISTY SMITH-KLEINSenior Account Manager

Whether you recognize her as a partner, a colleague, or your advertising liaison, Misty is one thing to all clients – a guiding light. Misty focuses her natural talent and personal enthusiasm for project management to put a client’s mind at ease with consistent communication and detailed workflow systems. As a senior account manager, Misty plays an invaluable role in managing client expectations, supervising budgets, and organizing strategies. Your advocate for projects that stay on budget and are delivered on time, Misty’s uncompromising dedication to client satisfaction places her firmly in your corner for the duration of any marketing challenge.

Career sans advertising

HR. I love developing a strong team.

BRANDI DAWSONSenior Account Manager

When choosing a career path, Brandi didn’t set out to be your grammatical resource and ardent client advocate, but with every costly typo negated and looming deadline bested, Access and our clients count themselves lucky that she chose the advertising life. A former television news professional turned healthcare marketing pro, Brandi remains a loyal AP Style advocate and your unrivaled proofreading resource in a topsy-turvy world where serial commas are (slightly) favored and texting language is used with abandon. Brandi’s keen attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction leaves no deadline conceded or budget blown.

Career sans advertising

Actress and/or dog rescue.

ROBYN LEWISAccount Manager

During her time as an Access intern, we may have influenced Robyn’s professional path, but as an account manager, it’s now Robyn doing the influencing. Robyn’s proactive approach to project management continually closes the gap between client communication and creative development. Energized by challenges and enthralled with the creative process, Robyn moves seamlessly between client relations and project management to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Career sans advertising

Nursing. But my passion for helping people couldn’t outweigh my aversion to blood. So here I am!


Not everyone can so seamlessly navigate the right-brain, left-brain connection, but that’s exactly what makes Melissa so effective. As Controller, Melissa helps keep both sides of the Access-brain in check and everything she does, she does for a reason. For her, the accounting function is a crucial element to helping businesses of all sizes succeed in their mission and aligning her role with that purpose is what keeps her energized. That, and the natural energy, passion and creativity that comes with working in the marketing world. When she’s not manning the Access books, she flexes her own marketing muscles as co-owner of a downtown Roanoke staple, Chocolatepaper. And yes, sometimes we get to be her taste testers…

Career sans advertising

Author. I still have time to write a book, right?

LUCAS WEAVERPublic Relations Account Coordinator

With a predilection for creative storytelling through effective communication, Lucas found himself drawn to marketing and public relations in college as a business administration major. Now, as a public relations account coordinator at Access, his place in advertising involves social content management through a distinctive blend of research, discovery, and public relations strategy. Lucas plays a vital role in building narratives that work to support and protect all client brands, whether large or small. Through proactive listening and observation, he is able to adapt to clients’ unique voices and brand personalities. This makes him a powerful ally to all business types. Oh, and he’s a lead contributor to Access’ own social media and website content.

Career sans advertising

Interior design. I’m enamored by the art (and science) of crafting an aesthetically pleasing space for people to live in.

OLIVIA MCKINNEYWeb & Graphic Designer

Specializing in front-end web design, Olivia first became interested in graphic design and development as a fine arts turned visual design major in college. While we take some credit in fostering her creative voice as an intern at Access, she’s now nurturing the creative voice in others. As a designer, Olivia is well-equipped to tell your brand’s unique story using intricate illustration and visually captivating content. From colors and fonts to pictures and graphics, Olivia knows not only how to put your website together and make it look good, but how to give it personality and depth.

Career sans advertising

Concept artist for film and television. Being able to create a world and watch its story come to life on screen has always fascinated me.

TODD MARCUMPresident Emeritus and Senior Copywriter

Love, quite simply, is Todd’s motivator and unique advertising advantage. His love for communication fuels a passion for the creative process, and his love for creating client impact is what drove Todd to co-found Access. As a young media professional, Todd determined he was too gullible to be a journalist, but had the perfect amount of innocent curiosity to dive headfirst into every client project. Todd enjoys watching Access grow with every award-winning campaign and new hire (including two employees he taught as young children in Sunday school class). Todd is a recipient of the American Advertising Federation Silver Medal for lifetime contributions to the advertising industry and a member of the Marshall University School of Journalism and Mass Communications Hall of Fame. True to his desire that advertising be recognized as a major cultural influencer, Todd also concepted, wrote, and co-produced “Shine,” a full-length documentary capturing the rich advertising and public relations history of Southwest Virginia.

Career sans advertising

Game show host. Communications, in some form, is all I ever wanted to do.

DojoOffice Cat

Found in a dumpster in rural Shawsville, Virginia, Dojo Dumpster Cat comes to us with little experience but a whole lot of charm. What he lacks in skill he makes up in cuteness, but don’t let his looks fool you: he’ll steal and destroy your desk toys without a moment’s notice. When he’s not napping, his powerful roars can be heard throughout the office, demanding attention of everyone within earshot. A true beggar, he’ll also come running at the sound of Ruffles, peanuts, or any other snack being opened. They say you can take the cat out of the dumpster, but you can’t take the dumpster out of the cat.