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A Teachable Moment in Online Marketing


When I’m not a creative director at Access or a lay-about husband and father at home, I’m a semi-professional musician of the Power Pop genre. I’m in a local band. And from time to time, I write songs.

Here are some of the many comments my songs have received over the years:

“This was my jam for a little while!” — a friend of mine from high school

“I liked the middle part where you aren’t singing.” — lots of people

“Wow. Nearly seven minutes long.” — my wife

With encouragement like this, it’s no wonder I took the easy next step of posting some of my songs on the online pro/am music sales website So far, my songs have been listened to around 650 times. A few people have even bought a song or two, making me exactly twelve dollars richer. These are songs I recorded in my own home studio using my computer. The tunes sound OK for what they are.

Or so I thought. A few days ago I received an email from a perfect stranger named June Mitchell. She said she had listened to my song “[You Bring the Ass] We’ll Do the Kicking” and went so far as to say that it was “Sounding great.” The only problem is, she was lying. Her message was in fact an ad for, a site with “professional producers, mixing engineers and singers for hire.” Obviously, they had gotten my information from the BandCamp website. But had anyone from SoundBetter actually heard the song? According to BandCamp’s analytics, not in the last few months.

Now, as a member of the Access team, I know a thing or two about online marketing. So, I used this as a teachable moment for June and her coworkers. I replied directly to her email and also shared my reply with their customer service, their Facebook page and their Twitter feed. I haven’t heard back yet. If/When I do, I’ll update this post pronto! Meanwhile, you can see the exchange below.


What you can’t see is how crushed I was to learn that June, who said my song was “Sounding great” hadn’t even heard the tune. What you can’t see is the heartbreak I felt when I realized that Ms. Mitchell was just another marketing web-bot-troll trying to make a fast buck, and not some curious power pop enthusiast. And what you can’t see is me in my tiny home studio, working on another song with ironic and even biting lyrics about June Mitchell and the right way to market yourself online.

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Author Chris Henson is a designer, writer, composer, editor, and conceptual thinker, who joined Access in 2011 and has helped create award-winning broadcast, web, and print advertising in regional and national markets. Click here to learn more about Henson.

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