The idea that someone could —or even would try— to build a multimillion-dollar art museum in Roanoke Virginia was almost considered ludicrous when it was introduced. Yet, with dedication, imagination and incredible generosity, the dream came to life. And while the entity continues to face the challenges of any cultural arts nonprofit in today’s economy, the Taubman still serves as a beacon to the heights the area can achieved when people dare to dream big. 

Building the progressive and ambitious Randall Stout–designed art museum in southwest Virginia was bold. Launching the $66 million capital campaign in the largest recession since the Great Depression was even bolder. Access played a pivotal role in the early stages of the fundraising, helping create a transitional identity and website to galvanize the vision for the future. We created newsletters, direct mail and exhibition-specific marketing materials for several years, helping the old museum remain viable while the new one was built.