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Old Enough to Vote

Without a whole lot of fanfare, Access turned 18 on September 1. If Access were a person (and sometimes it seems as if it is), he or she could legally do a lot of things they could not do back in August.

These include:

Get a tattoo

At Access, two-thirds of our folks have exercised their right to ink arms (or other body parts). 

Serve on a jury

Laura, Henson, Melissa and Jerry actually served on a jury. During selection, Todd was deemed too ethical by both attorneys to serve. Rachel has been called three times, each time AFTER she moved out of the jurisdiction. Greg and Dawn got the letter, but never got called. Probably the eeriest of them all, Trina was selected for jury duty only to be unselected due to the fact that she went to school with both the defendants in a murder trial.

Get drafted

While no one has been drafted, Anthony Hardman is finishing up his military obligations.


The vast majority of people at Access vote in every election, some with little effect.

Buy a lottery ticket

The Kris/Cross duo of Kris Baily and Chris Henson are the only people at Access to have never bought a lottery ticket.

Pawn something

A young Gary Gilmore pawned his gaming system and guitar amp back in the day. He said it was a fairly easy process, really. Brandi and Laura have also seen the business side of a pawn window.


Dawn has taken the plunge. Tony has gone with intent to skydive on two occasions, but fate intervened both times. He says he has decided to listen to fate.

Get married/divorced

Pending Michael and Jeremy’s upcoming nuptials (to other people, not each other), young Kelsey is thus far the lone member of the never-been-married club at Access, though the used-to-be married club has a significant membership and the still-married club, a larger membership still.

Be on Jerry Springer

Actually, Jerry Springer would not believe a lot of the things that go on around here.

Other things that you can do once turning 18 include entering a contest, working at a strip club, buying cigarettes, applying for a credit card, winning free Chick-fil-A for a year by standing in line at a new store overnight, buy insurance, be convicted as an adult, start a 401K club and apply for a business license.

All in all, turning 18 is pretty exciting. At Access, we’re excited about what this year will bring and thank our many friends who have helped us get this far. 


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