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The Obligatory Favorite Super Bowl Commercial Review

For many Americans, the name of the game is the commercials. As customary as the Patriots playing in the Big Game, it’s time for the annual Access staff’s picks for their favorite Super Bowl commercials.

CEO Tony Pearman said, “As I age and my sensibilities and experiences change, I find myself gravitating more to storytelling and less to slapstick for my Super Bowl ads. That has led me to three very political spots this year — not to make any statement, I simply think they are great pieces of filmmaking and storytelling.

My easy pick this year demonstrated great filmmaking in ’Born the Hard Way,’ the topical 60-second spot of brewmaster Adolphus Busch. But it came in third. What moved me a LOT more — as a father of a young lady in whom I have unlimited confidence — was Audi’s commercial titled ’Daughter.’ While at times the visuals seemed to plow a row often worked, the writing was lovely.

But what won my vote for number 1 was 84 Lumber’s commercial, ’The Journey Begins.’ Why? Well, first-of-all, I had no idea the company was still in business. And, perhaps most importantly, of all the spots I watched, it was the only one that left me both wanting more and compelling me visit the website for the first time since 1984 — the year.”

VP of Creative Services Gary Gilmore also chose 84 Lumber’s spot as his favorite, citing spectacular cinematography.

Senior Art Director Dawn Stein also liked 84 and threw some love to AirBnB.

President Todd Marcum said, “There were some lavish productions that I could appreciate as works of art, but left me scratching my head as a marketing person. I was moved by Audi, but I found the creativity and unbridled positivity of the Honda CR-V yearbook ad to be the star of the night. It was an easy pick for me. It was one of those ads that made you say ‘I should have thought of that.’”

Yearbook was a favorite of Account Coordinator Trina Daniels and Intrepid Intern Randa Hayes.

Account Coordinator Mariana Toledo and Account Executive Brandi Dawson also liked the 84 Lumber commercial, but also gave kudos to the A10 “Bad Hair” commercial.

Director of Business Intelligence Rachael Spencer didn’t single out a favorite commercial, but had high praise for Lady Gaga’s halftime show.

Account Supervisor Misty Smith-Klein said, “The Avocados from Mexico was filled with so many great little lines, from the beginning to the end. ‘Do they know there are only 49 shades of grey?’, ‘Kyle, are you streaming this?… Is that not cool?’ It was just a fun commercial. Plus, I love avocados and it made me want some guacamole.” 

Art Director Michael Craighead remarked, “Busch established a presupposition that was quite masculine in the beginning and I assumed it was going to be in accordance to what you would expect from an Old-Spice ad… but it was quickly transformed by a long, cringey and comedic cacophony into an awkward moment of hilarity between Busch-man and the surrounding nature.  

Creative Director Chris Henson said, “For me the Audi ‘Equal Pay’ was a standout. I was watching with my daughter and it spoke to us both — together — which felt great.” (Dad and daughter driving off in a $53K car at the end means everyone’s a winner, right?)

Equal Pay was also a favorite of SEO Guru DeShea Witcher and Creative Director Kris Bailey.

Sales and strategy team members Jerry Dunnavant and Liz Lively loved the humor of Mr. Clean.

What were your favorite ads and why? Post your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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