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A Life Lesson from George Clooney

By Kelsey Blevins, PR Account Coordinator

George Clooney Golden GlobesThis year’s Golden Globes were seemingly all about George Clooney. We all waited with anticipation for George and Amal, the new Mrs. Clooney, to hit the red carpet, their first event as a married couple. By the time we got over seeing Amal’s elbow length white gloves she painstakingly sewed the night before, it was time for Tina and Amy’s opening monologue. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Tina joked about how accomplished Amal is, yet it is her husband who is getting a lifetime achievement award. Then we all waited for one of the most anticipated acceptance speeches of the night.

As George started his speech you could tell he was uncharacteristically nervous. I wondered if he was going to say something offensive or profound. I waited with bated breath for the part of the speech to come that had George so uneasy. It never came. His speech was over. I was disappointed. There was so much hype around his speech, and I felt slighted. But then I thought about what he said, and it hit me.

It was something I never really thought about. You watch award shows and you see everyone in gorgeous designer gowns, covered in jewelry that costs more than your house and you envy them. You wonder how come you can’t look like that, why you don’t make as much money, why you can’t travel the world. How did they get so lucky? You listen to all of them say how honored they are just to have been nominated. But what you don’t think about is that 80% of them go home losers at the end of the night. In a matter of two hours, 80% of people in the room go from being confident and on cloud nine to losers. But really, this is not profound at all, it is just a simple fact. Whether it’s the Golden Globes or a 5th grade spelling bee, there are always “losers.”

The real lesson to be taken from George’s speech is what happened next. He looked out at his peers and said, “If you are in this room, you have caught the brass ring. You get to do what you’ve always dreamed to do and be celebrated for it. And that is, it ain’t loosing.” People aren’t remembered for the awards they have won, they are remembered for how they treated others and the work they left behind. The work they loved doing.

Obviously, we aren’t all actors or producers or famous somebodies, but the sentiment still applies. Winning or succeeding is not always what it seems to be. It doesn’t mean you have to climb to the top of the ladder at your company or make six figures. There is so much more to aspire to in your career and, more importantly, life. As long as you are doing what you love, you are a winner. 

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