The need: In 2009, Lewis-Gale Medical Center reached out to Access for assistance with multiple public relations initiatives, including:

  • Media relations to promote the visit of U.S. Senator Mark Warner during his Healthcare Tour
  • Planning and promotion of the Hospital’s 100th Anniversary Celebration
  • Media Relations for the remarkable success story of a Meningitis Survivor

The Access Response:

Visit of Mark Warner

  • Access pitched local media, securing coverage of the visit by all major local media outlets.
  • Access assisted hospital leadership in determining potential threats
  • Access assisted in positioning hospital leadership as thought leaders on the healthcare question

The 100th Anniversary

  • Access coordinated all aspects of pre-event planning including a “Save the Date” invitation; creation and distribution of 1500 DVD’s showing 100 years of medical progress; and speechwriting for hospital leadership at the event which was attended by 1,000 people.
  • Access-generated media coverage over three days before and after the event created more than 1,000,000 media impressions
  • Access visited all major local television stations with a personal pitch for coverage of the 6 p.m. event, resulting in live coverage from WDBJ-7 (CBS) and WSLS-10 (NBC). Lynchburg Based WSET-13 (ABC) provided taped coverage. All local newspapers also covered the event.
  • Access successfully guided coverage to showcase the hospital’s latest technology as well as its storied history.

The Miracle Meningitis Case

  • During a brainstorming session, Access helped Lewis-Gale leadership realize the value of the story of a local college student who nearly died from meningitis, and was saved by the quick thinking of a staff physician who used an unusual therapy.
  • Access helped guide coverage of the story which resulted in long-form stories on WDBJ-7 and WSLS-10 and front-page, above the fold coverage in the Roanoke Times.