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Just a reminder that time flies.

Sometime around the first year we were in business…if memory serves, I think it was when the lovely and talented Kris Bailey joined us to swell the Access payroll to three…we got one of those letters about sponsoring a child for a few bucks a month.  Little Bhupendra Bahadur from Nepal was the child we were asked to sponsor and we did. 

We soon got a picture of his little pinched face standing just a bit more than knee high to his father. He was around two years old at the time.

Through the years, we dutifully sent off the small sponsorship fee and would on occasion mention “Little Bupu” to one another. I seriously doubt he’s been mentioned much in the last five years, though his picture always made its way on to the bulletin board when it predictably arrived every December.

The other day we got a note that Bupu’s family was doing well and had an indoor toilet with sufficient water discharge and that they were growing pretty decent vegetables which they sold for a small profit.  Most shockingly of all, they announced that our little Bupu had aged out of the program and was now 18, a proud graduate of the sponsorship program.

We would include a copy of the photo they sent us, but it’s a grainy 72 DPI shot about the size of a postage stamp…and it’s probably just as well the plan saves its money to spend on things like indoor toilets with sufficient water discharge instead of a half decent digital camera. We could, however, make out in the photo that the 18-year-old Bupu was wearing an “Insanity”
t-shirt, which I doubt he has any idea of what it means and I suspect he would not be pleased if he did.

Fear not because another child was assigned to take his place, which is actually kind of dandy with us. Her name is Puja.



If this were a philosophical, high-minded blog, a point would probably be made of the concept of “collateral good” – a barely-intentional desire that creates a small ripple of hope halfway around the world.  And that is very cool and something of which we are cognizant.

Really, though, it’s more of a reminder of the fact that in the midst of deadlines and headlines life marches on. We’re grateful that we’ve been blessed with a good business, friends to go through life with, and that a little collateral good has come of what we do.

– Todd Marcum

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