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Integrated Communications. Welcome to the show, FleishmanHillard.

“But our guess here is that other PR agencies and communications departments will follow FleishmanHillard’s lead. The rapid pace of change in media and marketing leaves PR execs with little choice.”

That quote is from an article written this week and published in many media outlets, including PRNews.  Basically, it is a nicely crafted press release announcing that a leading New York-based PR firm is rebranding itself to better “embrace the full spectrum of communications.”  Well, others may follow FleishmanHillard’s action, after all they are FleishmanHillard, but I don’t think their change in operational strategy is as leading edge as the author contends.  Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the move and feel honored that such a well-established and esteemed agency is offering a Roanoke-based, 17-employee agency such a compliment.  I mean imitation is the highest form of flattery, isn’t it?

Access, our small agency nestled in the beautiful Roanoke Valley, recognized the change in communications more than half a decade ago.  We have fully integrated traditional public relations with our creative process and digital services in order to give our clients a complete view of communications in the 21st century.  No press release, no pomp and circumstance, just a desire to be an effective partner for our clients.

So, why is it newsworthy that FleishmanHillard, along with several other “large” agencies, have decided to join the crowd?  Because they have 2500 employees and were founded in 1946?  The reality is that Access is like many other “small” agencies that adapted much earlier to this “new” communications model.  Because we are not constrained by the size, structure and tradition-based biases of being a “large” firm, we have been able to quickly and agilely incorporate the best of our creative services with the strengths of our PR professionals to embrace paid, owned and earned media.  In fact, when it comes to content marketing, we’ve been doing content marketing before content marketing became cool.  Why? It made sense for our clients to communicate with their customers using all available tools without bifurcating the services between communication providers.  Yes, we are the proverbial “one-stop-shop” of all things marketing.

We didn’t have to change our mission or reestablish our brand to make this happen.  And no, we won’t be spending three quarters of a million dollars to advertise the new Access.  We’ll just keep delivering great creative with well-thought-out PR strategy using digital and mobile and any other tool that makes sense to help our clients gain traction.  Welcome to the show, FleishmanHillard.

Jerry Dunnavant, Director of New Business Development

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