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Instagram Updates Icon and the Internet Sounds Off

By now, you’ve likely noticed that one of the most familiar icons on your phone has changed, drastically.


Instagram announced their rebrand via this blog piece published on May 11, 2016. The article provides Instagram’s reasoning behind the updated logo and user interface.

The internet is sounding off on Instagram’s new look, and Access figured we’d throw in our two cents based on nothing more than gut reactions.

Todd Marcum, President and Copywriter

I get where they are going and appreciate that they needed for their icon to be streamlined, but the new logo/icon sort of blends in with the other icons on my phone.  To me it feels like they went from a bad logo, to an only slightly less bad logo.

Kristine Bailey, Creative Director/Associate

I will say their former icon had way too much intricate detail for the size it is usually displayed. The new icon will be an easier, quick read – but also obnoxious in a lot of ad layouts.

Gary Gilmore, VP, Creative Services/Associate

Those colors! Yikes. 

Kelsey Blevins, SEO Specialist

As an avid Instagram user with no authority in the creative/branding realm, I hate it. Not a fan of the neon rainbow.


Kelsey also provided the mic drop via Twitter user @codysanfilippo  

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