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I’m a crybaby…and an advertiser’s dream

By Brandi Dawson, Account Executive

A commercial that makes you laugh can be memorable. A commercial that brings tears to your eyes, even more so. A commercial that makes you ugly-cry at your desk in an open office in front of your coworkers? An advertiser’s dream.

Subaru’s “Dream Weekend” commercial is just that. An old dog’s owner finds out he doesn’t have long to live and takes him out on all kinds of adventures to mark things off his bucket list. As the mom of two dogs that aren’t exactly puppies anymore, this hit home. And hit my heart. HARD.

It’s been out for a few months, but thankfully, I was somehow spared from its emotional torture until last week. While it is no secret that I cry easily, especially when it comes to animals, I have never cried like this because of a commercial. And not only did I cry during the commercial, I was still crying a few minutes later.

Before I sat down to write this blog at work yesterday, I decided I should watch it again, to make sure there wasn’t anything that I missed through my tears the first time. This is when I:

  • cried again and discovered that it wasn’t just a one-time thing.
  • realized the birthday cake didn’t say 14 – it says 14 ¾. Nooooo!!!!!
  • stumbled upon the extended version, which is 100 times sadder and resulted in a Titanic-like, hyperventilating cry witnessed by Kelsey and Trina that resulted in this: 

blog crying


Short version:

Really need to get some emotions out? It is cathartic!

Extended version:

Two things are for sure – 1. This is the most emotional I’ve ever gotten over a commercial and 2. I’ve been thinking and talking about Subaru more in the past week than I have in my entire life. Well played, Subaru. Well played.

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