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Icon from The Daisy Ad revisited

By Todd Marcum, President

Check out this interesting article from The Arizona Republic interviewing the star of LBJ’s “Daisy” television commercial.

Like Apple’s famed 1984 commercial, it aired only once but had such a significant impact that it became a part of advertising lore. It is considered among the first political attack ads and remains one of the most effective.

If you didn’t grow up in the 1960’s or 1970’s, it’s hard to conceive of what the threat of nuclear war meant. Like terrorism today, it was never far from the minds of Americans (and Russians and Europeans, for that matter). It permeated everyday thought. Many of us were convinced that we would wake up one Tuesday morning, and St. Louis or some other large city would have ceased to exist. The Daisy ad drove this message home.

From an academic standpoint, the ad is fascinating to look at the context of the times. The imagery, language and basic concept are indications of the vast societal shift of the past few decades.

Yet one thing remains… a powerful message can reach across the decades and remains potent long after the issues have migrated. 

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