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I nearly shipped my pants.

I really liked Kmart’s “Ship my pants” commercial. In fact, I laughed out loud. It appeals to my sophisticated sense of humor.  I showed it to my teenage son and daughter. They laughed out loud, too.

That said, I am reminded of something Bob Garfield said a few years ago. “Just because something is funny doesn’t mean you should stick a logo on the back and call it an ad.”

Okay, I get that it is more than a sophomoric pun (though the sophomoric pun is the star of the show).  It is an effort to show that Kmart either has what you want or will ship it to you without charge and, as a person who appreciates a good blue light special, I can confirm that the stores are chronically under-stocked.

As one of the three remaining people in North America who shop at Kmart, I loved the ad and declare it to be wholly suited to my sense of humor. But the problem is that I think Betty and Maxine aren’t going to like it a bit. It’s not risqué, it’s vulgar. The people who are forwarding the YouTube ad to their friends have likely never been inside a Kmart and aren’t likely to start shopping there now. In other words, from a business perspective, the executives are going to find out that ‘ship’ won’t fly.

Todd Marcum, President

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