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At Access, we are proud to be a sponsor of Roanoke Valley Gives. As part of the celebration, our staff each picked an organization they liked and contributed to them. We asked them what made their particular charity special to them.

Roanoke Valley Gives is happening today (March 16) and we encourage you to check it out and kick in a few bucks to a cause or two you enjoy. If you have kids, make it a family affair and let them help with the decision making. It’s a great way to teach kids about generosity and how a lot of small gifts can make a big difference.

Most Access folks agree…there are SOOOOO many worthy causes, but here are a few causes to which our folks chose to give:


Gary chose Feeding America Southwest Virginia. Here’s what he said:

There is a stat called Food Insecurity that basically means consistent access to food is limited by various means (money, etc.). Most areas in Southwest Virginia have a rating of more than 10%. Isn’t this absurd? Isn’t 1% too much? Feeding America Southwest Virginia fights hunger and changes lives. Through partner agencies, food is distributed across Southwest Virginia providing assistance to those in need. 


Misty picked Blue Ridge Literacy. Here are her thoughts:

Can you imagine looking at a menu, a road sign, an application for employment or a medicine bottle and being unable to read what it says? Most every job requires reading on some level, even if it is for warnings or some type of instructions. Then there is reading for enjoyment, whether it is a good book, a magazine or reading to kids. Reading is such a fundamental part of our lives, so my donation is to Blue Ridge Literacy. 


Brandi selected Franklin County Humane Society.

Giving to an animal rescue organization was a no-brainer for me, but making a choice between all the different ones was hard. So, I decided to give to the one that I feel like has the least exposure. 100 percent of what I’ve seen about them has been through organic posts and conversations between friends and acquaintances on social media, but it’s been enough to show me how hard they work for the animals, and I’m happy to help by donating!  


Rachel donated to Children’s Trust.

Children’s Trust is such an important mission. Children are just so innocent. Every child deserves to be in a safe, loving environment and it breaks my heart that there are some children for whom this is not the case. If my gift can help make a child safer, give them the tools they need to speak up for themselves, help prevent abuse and build a stronger community for all of us, then I can think of no better use for $10. 


Todd chose Bradley Free Clinic.

I have a lot of community organizations I really admire, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to have no health care for my family. The people at the Bradley Free Clinic and their volunteers do amazing work. I am very grateful for the care they give to the uninsured in our community.


Chris Henson picked JDRF for a very personal reason.

I made my donation to JDRF. Our daughter, Charley was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year. T1D is a disease that shuts down the pancreas completely. Charley faces a lifetime of hourly blood/glucose checks and several insulin injections each day. At 17 years old, she is very open with her friends and classmates about her disease. She participated in the JDRF Walk-a-Thon last fall and is driven to spread information and support to other kids with T1D. We are proud to be supporters of JDRF. The world gets closer to a cure for Juvenile diabetes every single day. The work of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and other organizations like it are a big reason for this. 


Greg supported Straight Street.

Straight Street’s focus is on reaching at-risk kids. I’ve always believed in the “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” approach. And I firmly believe that any time, effort and resources spent on reaching kids at a young and impressionable age will reap great benefits later on in their lives. Those efforts now, will help them to become positive, encouraging members of society in their adulthood.


Laura donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwest Virginia.

When my cousin Leslie gave birth to her daughter, Natalie, they realized within hours that Natalie had a serious heart condition.  Natalie was flown to UVA where she remained for almost three months before passing away.  For those entire three months, Leslie and Philip stayed by Natalie’s side in Charlottesville and that couldn’t have been possible without the Ronald McDonald House to provide a place for them to stay. Philip had lost his job the day Natalie was born and there was no way they could have afforded to stay in a hotel for that extended period. The RMH provided the means for them to stay together as a family for the short time Natalie was with us. And for that, I’m thankful.


Kelsey picked the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

I have always been an animal lover, so there was no better choice for me than to donate to the Roanoke Valley SPCA. I have volunteered at this shelter and fostered a couple kittens through them, and it’s amazing to see the great work they do helping countless animals. The work the RVSPCA does providing food, shelter, love and forever homes for animals, that otherwise wouldn’t have a voice, is unbelievable. 


Melissa chose the Presbyterian Center. She said:

The Presbyterian Center in southeast Roanoke provides so many vital services to the neighborhood. They are more than a food bank or clothes provider. The Center has an after school program to help children with course work from grades 3 to 12, offering much needed help to the High School students who usually get forgotten and providing individual tutoring, mentoring and life-skills training by community volunteers. In addition to the Presbyterian Community Center personnel, they also are staffed with professional counselors from Family Service of Roanoke Valley and trained community volunteers, helping these kids prepare for a successful future. After all, education is a gift, and with the right education you can achieve anything.


Tony chose to support the Roanoke Valley SPCA and Children’s Trust.

My wife and I have been very blessed and try every year to give generously to a wide variety of causes in the region. However, for us, two stand above all others, because nothing is more important in life than protecting those most vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. That is why today, and every year, we give all we can to both Children’s Trust (Child Abuse Prevention and Education) and the Roanoke Valley SPCA. Protecting those that cannot protect themselves is always a win.


Kris selected the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

I support their mission of being a safe shelter. I adopted my dog through the RVSPCA last December and hope others can find a companion that brings them as much joy as Milo brings me.


Michael picked the Adult Care Center of the Roanoke Valley.

I find what they provide is an essential service for those in need. It gives those in need an option to be a part of community and allows families who give care 24/7 to rejuvenate.


Trina chose Children’s Trust.

I chose to support Children’s Trust because of the work they do not only helping to prevent child abuse, but also serving as an advocate for children who often cannot protect or speak up for themselves. From their efforts to educate children to the work they do to place children in safe homes, Children’s Trust is phenomenal. 


Jeremy supported Local Colors.

I chose Local Colors, a non-profit that celebrates the ethnic diversity of the Roanoke Valley through education, festivals and community outreach. Founder Pearl Fu is an incredible woman and longtime Roanoke Valley leader. Because of Pearl’s passion, desire and pure determination, Local Colors exists and thrives today. Following Pearl’s retirement, the new leadership at Local Colors stepped in and continues to impress. Growth initiatives, new programs and creative tweaks on the famous Local Colors Festival demonstrates Beth Lutjen’s focus is on securing the future of Local Colors. Historically, Local Colors survived on Pearl Fu’s tenacity and corporate sponsorships, but now is the time for individual donors who believe our cultural diversity is what makes Roanoke special to support Local Colors’ unique programs and services.


Liz donated to the Science Museum of Western Virginia

It is a great feeling to see children learning and experiencing science for the first time.  It is so vital to the education and future of our community. 


Who will you support for Roanoke Valley Gives?

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