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What do you even do here? An Account Manager’s Chronicle

Before starting my job at Access on September 5th, I had no idea what an “AE” (Account Executive) was. My supervisor, Misty Smith-Klein, was the first AE I ever had the pleasure of meeting and based on that meeting alone, I decided I love AEs. Misty is the industry ideal of a perfect manager: she is kind, level-headed, organized, thoughtful, and incredibly good at what she does. So, what exactly does she do… and what am I supposed to be doing? Please join me as I recount my first month at Access and explain the magical world of Account Services.

Day 1: Follow Misty around, ask a lot of questions, and sit in on meetings you know nothing about while taking notes that won’t make any sense to you for another week and a half.

Day 5: You’ve been asking questions all week: you now know how to build estimates, set up conference calls, and keep up with Chris Henson’s jokes (sort of). Continue to follow your supervisor around until it is time to drink. That’s right, you and your coworkers like each other so much that every Friday you drop everything for one hour, sit around the campfire (conference table), and sip beers. This week, there’s champagne; you’ve been told you’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the amazing Kris Bailey, a creative mind you’ve quickly come to admire. But you just survived your first week in advertising and that seems like something to celebrate, too. *Insert quiet toast to yourself*

Day 10: On this magical day, you discover a job list – pages long – that chronicles everything your life will soon revolve around; every client, every to-do, and every future meeting you will be a part of. For now, the list is a daunting reminder that you have no idea what you’re doing. It seems like something you should tackle, so you shove it to the side of your desk where you intend to leave it until it disappears.

Day 11: Tackle the job list. This only takes a few hours and about 14 trips to the Skittles jar (Thanks, Misty!), but now you have an understanding of who your clients are and what you’re supposed to do for them.

Day 20: It’s 3 p.m. and you’ve been too busy with that job list to talk to Misty (this is bittersweet). You realize you haven’t been following her around for the past few days and wonder if you’re starting to find your way in the world.

Day 30: You have no idea what you’re doing. It turns out there is much more to this job than you anticipated, but that’s ok, because you just attended your first press event, fully equipped with rooftop snipers and Kellyanne Conway. Suffice it to say, this was a cool day.

Day 45: I’m sitting at my desk writing this blog because I have a rare free minute and am beginning to understand what I do here. Whether I am building an estimate for a client’s new website, emailing another client about the progress of their billboard designs, or planning a commercial video shoot, I am here to serve. The Account Services team at Access consists of three badass women, a team that refuses to be shaken no matter how crazy the deadline or how bad the grammar of a piece to be proofed. I am already extremely proud to be a part of this crazy family.

At the simplest level of our job description, we are the people you talk to when you want to get something done. At Access, we are lucky to work with a brilliant team of creatives to help you accomplish your goals. And even though I won’t receive a bonus for saying so (even though that would be pretty cool, hint hint), we’d be lucky to work with you, too.

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