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Who knows you better than you know yourself? Crystal Knows

By Kelsey Blevins, PR Account Coordinator

From beginning to end, email composition is an emScreen Shot 2015-05-03 at 8.42.51 PMotional roller coaster. This is especially true if you have never met or corresponded with the email recipient. Anxiety sets in as your fingers hover over the keyboard while trying to decide if you should start your email with “Hello,” “Hi,” “Good morning/afternoon” or the underutilized “Salutations.”

Then you contemplate if your good-hearted sentiment sounds nastily sarcastic. And the hardest decision of all- does the situation warrant the use of a smiley face emoticon?

Who on earth knows the answers to all of these questions? Crystal Knows.


How does Crystal Knows work?

The same way that you or I Facebook stalk someone before meeting him or her, Crystal Knows basically stalks your online presence to find out how you talk to others. And the resulting personality profiles are eerily accurate. Out of all of the “facts” Crystal Knows had compiled about me, only one was wrong.


Crystal Knows Best

Not only can you search for people you know, you can search for anybody from sales prospects to high-profile celebrities. If by some twist of fate you get the chance to send Mark Cuban an email, you now know not to use a formal greeting and to be very succinct in your email.




In addition to providing you with a personality profile, there is also a Gmail Chrome extension. Once added, you’ll see the “Crystal says” button appear at the bottom whenever you type an email. Once clicked, Crystal Knows tells you the best way to email the recipient, as well as Crystal’s recommended improvements to the email you have already written.




Even if you don’t plan on using Crystal Knows on a daily basis, it is interesting to just look yourself up with the service. As I read through the profile of things I wouldn’t necessarily attribute to my personality, I repeatedly thought “Oh my god, that is so me” or “I definitely do that.” It is also quite fun to look up your colleagues, family and friends to see how accurate their profiles are. Who knows? It might even help you communicate with each other better. GASP. Which of course, is the whole idea of Crystal Knows.

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