Adjusting to Change


Luna is a team of scientists, engineers, and business professionals driving breakthroughs in fields as diverse as aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, healthcare, and telecommunications. They develop and commercialize innovative technologies in the fields of strain and temperature sensing, test and measurement, and shape sensing.


Luna Innovations first approached Access in 1999 when they felt their original identity needed help. Access worked to create a new primary identity and managed the growth of a wide and diverse logo family for the many companies that were spun off of the parent company. Our support included exhibit design, collateral, and print ads. Access was proud when the company went public in June 2006, and we were able to see the identity we helped create on the New York Stock Exchange. We were saddened that legal challenges resulted in Luna Innovations filing for bankruptcy, but the story was far from over.


Fast-forward to 2012. After rebounding from bankruptcy, the new leadership at Luna identified the need to update its identity, refresh the brand, and redefine itself to its core audience. Access was once again chosen to help. Working closely with the marketing team from Luna, a new logo and brand positioning statement were developed and a tag line crafted to represent the bold future for this resilient and innovative company. We then helped explore a new URL for a combined and refined web presence, including dramatic, branded photography concepted by Access and beautifully executed by Boyd Pearman Photography, featuring the movers, shakers, and “brainiacs” who helped make Luna truly capable of living up to its bold brand promise of “defying impossible.”