Helping a Chemical Company Raise The Standards of an Industry

Inorganic Ventures

Since 1985, Inorganic Ventures has been manufacturing a higher class of analytical inorganic standards and certified reference materials for a wide variety of chemical manufacturing applications. Inorganic Ventures’ focus on custom products enables them to create precise standards faster and more affordably than other manufacturers — and has helped them build a reputation for game-changing innovations. By partnering with Access, Inorganic Ventures has developed a more robust leadership role within the industry and pushed innovative ideas and products into new markets worldwide.


How do you introduce a new technology that extends the shelf-life of your product by preventing the passage of water vapor through the walls of a container — and make it fun? With a retro, animated musical short, of course! When Inorganic Ventures was ready to launch their new Transpiration Control Technology [TCT] aluminized bags, Access devised the memorable online video, simplified the product benefits with eye-catching cartoonery and wrote and produced a catchy song to pull it all together. Adding more traditional media to the mix made this an extremely successful campaign with lots of repeat views and even a sequel. 

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