Helping a Brand Find Its Voice

Freedom First Rebrand

Most banks evaluate their worth by how much money they keep. Freedom First Credit Union measures their value by how much they give back. Freedom First is committed to financial inclusion and providing asset building opportunities to their members and the community.


When Access first encountered Freedom First, the logo was in question, the brand promise was failing to resonate with target audiences, and community awareness of the organization was extremely low despite sizable media investments for more than a decade.

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Due Diligence

Access conducted research and studied client data as well as the competitive landscape for banks and credit unions not only in the region, but nationally. Multiple internal meetings and in-depth interviews helped Access better understand the unique value proposition this client offered to the community and identified a plan to move the needle.

FFCU Print - Bank4Good
FFCU Five Dollar Envelope


Access designed a new streamlined logo and introduced the tagline, “where people bank for good.” Then a comprehensive multi-media campaign using outdoor, TV, online media, and search was created. Access also orchestrated a street campaign using the “pay it forward” philosophy as a tangible example of exactly what Freedom First does in the communities it serves. We also planned and executed a motivational presentation to all employees helping empower them as brand ambassadors. As you can see from the stats, we achieved amazing market impact and social media engagement in a very short time. Not only did the Credit Union profit financially, they also received industry recognition for their efforts as well as a number of creative awards including national Telly awards and local ADDY awards.