Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die to Use


AIG is the world’s largest insurance organization, with more than 88 million customers around the globe. It offers property casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement services, mortgage insurance, and aircraft leasing.

Product Branding

Access began our relationship with the challenge of taking a new policy‚ the brainchild of one division CEO, and helping transform it from a dream into one of the global provider’s fastest-growing policy types. We worked on the national product launch and branding of Quality of Life Insurance. We created the identity, tag, and brand messaging, as well as the print-, web-, and video-based products that enabled the sales force to make a dramatic impact and exceed company expectations in record time.




The request was simple. AIG, formerly known as AGLA, wanted a traditional press release to announce an internal initiative to hire more agents. The question to Access was simple. How can we make this press release effective? Using the approach that there are no small jobs, only small ideas, Access challenged the client to think bigger, and AIG embraced the challenge.


Access helped AIG secure CareerBuilder as a national sponsor, and we embarked on a literal hiring drive in our 35-foot branded tour bus. The embedded team included PR, social media, interactive, video, and account services specialists who created real-time content daily during the adventure. The 15-city, 10-day mobile job fair made stops along the way, partnering with local AIG sales offices and increasing social media engagement 80 percent.