Call Federal has an amazing corporate mission and a great corporate culture. This vibrant brand, however, was not being reflected or articulated well in their marketing. Working closely with their leadership team, Access overhauled the way they Call Federal integrated customers’ stories into their marketing and branches. We helped them infuse their beliefs into their ads and customer tools. We summed it all up with a new tagline and brand statement – Passionately Local Banking – and created TV, websites, and marketing materials to showcase this passion

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When Call Federal found their car loan portfolio lagging, they asked Access for help. Access revised the communications that approved applicants received to help them better understand how to handle their next steps at the dealer. A booklet with car buying tips was prepared for customers and distributed at all Call Federal branches. The campaign was also supported through online and display ads as well as a microsite. By the end of the campaign, Call Federal had exceeded their annual auto loan production goal of 15%, seeing a 31.9% growth

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Access partnered with Call Federal to launch a campaign for their Visa Platinum card during which 85% of Call Federal’s credit card growth took place. Balances grew $1.56 million by year’s end, with $1.32 million of that growth occurring during the campaign.

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