ADMMicro was a dynamic start-up company that created a new breed of energy management and building controllers. These enabled the ADMMicro controllers to automatically reduce peak consumption according to dynamic and/or predetermined protocols, thus reducing utility bills. The young company came to Access to build their brand and grow their company.

If you do a good job, you grow a client. If you do a great job, sometimes you lose one. When Access first met the team at ADMMicro, they were four guys working in a small rented space in the basement of a downtown office building. We began working with them some years later, after they had perfected one of the most innovative energy monitoring products in the industry. We provided close marketing and PR services during a time of unprecedented growth for ADMMicro. In 2009, the company sold in one of the largest deals in the region in recent years…which, sadly, moved the marketing to Portland. Such is life.