Every brand starts as an ember.

The trick is to coax it to life and keep it burning.

For 25 years, we’ve been all about that ember. We see it glow in every client. We get inspired by it. We want the world to see it and bask in its warmth. Our job is to find fresh ways to help that ember spread, ignite new flames, and burn true. Here’s how we do it:

We Listen

before anything else, we seek to understand.

We Discover

we dive deep, finding all relevant information and leaving no stone unturned.

We Lead

we lead with knowledge, offering insight and business intelligence with years of experience.

We Protect

we use every tool available to keep the fire burning.

We Own

we own our work, taking pride in the team effort.

We Empathize

we are an extension of our clients; we experience what they do.

Who we are.

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We are strategists, writers, producers, designers, storytellers, philanthropists, and so much more. We care about clients, deadlines, art, preventing child abuse, and more things than we can fit in this space. We cry at viral dog rescue videos and laugh a whole lot. We stay fit in our CrossFit gym (we cry there, too). We’ve won more than 400 awards for creative excellence and invest heavily in our community. We love food almost as much as we love our pets. We’ve been voted the best place to work. And we believe our best work is yet to come.

Meet the people who Catch Fire every day.