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A Winning Strategy from Athletic Director Meg Stevens

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Meg Stevens, of Averett University in Danville, address our Lead Virginia session regarding her guiding strategy as athletic director. What she had to say made a lot of sense for succeeding in sports and business. 

“Our athletic department runs on a simple formula. Three-Two-One,” remarked Stevens. “Number three. If you are an Averett athlete, you are expected to carry a 3.0 grade point average and attend your classes. That is your obligation under the ‘student’ part of student-athlete. Number two. I expect our teams to finish first or second in our conference. People talk a lot about the fun of competing as a collegiate athlete. You know what else is fun? Winning. And number one. There is only one team at Averett University. We all represent our school and every athlete deserves an equitable and ethical experience, regardless of the sport they compete in.”

I think Meg Stevens is a woman who is headed for big things. That could mean big accomplishments at a larger school or it may mean significant achievements at Averett as she continues to build their program with passion and enthusiasm. I’m a fan no matter which route she chooses.

Her philosophy makes as much sense for business as it does for sports. If all the people in any organization make the effort to stick to Meg’s Three-Two-One strategy, they cannot lose.

1) Do the work.

2) Commit to winning.

3) Treat people with respect and fairness.

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