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A funny thing happened at the Chili’s in Williamsburg.

My family had just gone to The College of William & Mary for a tour for my son. We decided to cap the day off with a trip to our favorite mega restaurant, Chili’s. Somewhere between the chips and salsa and the check, my daughter asked if I would like to share a piece of her quesadilla and I responded without thinking.

“Es nice tu share.”

My daughter looked at me funny (she’s a teenager now, she often looks at me funny…and I occasionally give her cause to do so) and asked, basically, what was that.

Somewhere, a pop can rolling around in the floorboard of my mind dislodged a little-known public service announcement I had not seen in four decades. Almost as if it were a part of my DNA, I remembered a little PSA from the United Church of Christ with a little boy extolling the virtues of sharing. I saw that spot numerous times as a kid on Mr. Cartoon, a local show that gave us our animation fix. But I had not seen it in a good 40 years.


I got out my iPhone, found the clip on Youtube and we all enjoyed a good laugh at the little guy’s expense. The kids have shown it to lots of friends.

It got me thinking of the power of what we do and it’s capacity to help shape what we become. Do I share a little more readily based on that message that was virtually embedded into me when I was a kid? What is the importance of the three commercials I am writing today? Will someone at a Chili’s somewhere someday recall that Carpet Factory Outlet really does sell floor covering for less?

These are things worth pondering as we go about our work. Perhaps at Chilis. With a basket of chips and salsa.

And, for heaven’s sake, don’t forget to share. When someone shares with me, I feel glad.

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