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A few of our super friends weigh in on their favorite Super Bowl ads.

We asked a few interesting people we know which Super Bowl commercials scored points with them…here are their answers.

Roanoke City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rita Bishop liked the inspirational Paul Harvey narrated “God Made a Farmer” for Dodge® Trucks.

Mayor David Bowers, Free Clinic of the New River Valley Director Michelle Brauns and Transportation Museum Executive Bev Fitzpatrick all threw their support to Budweiser’s Clydesdale commercial.

Dr. Robert Patten liked the Best Buy® spot featuring Amy Poehler, praising it for its ability to get close to the line, but not over it.

Wells Fargo Banker Patrick Johnson also liked Harvey and Clydesdales, but said the best chuckle came from the Doritos® Fashionista Daddy ad.

Mike Branch and Salem Mayor Randy Foley had kudos for the Audi Prom commercial.

Gentry Locke Partner Matt Broughton liked the Live Mas Taco Bell® ad.

Play by Play publisher John Montgomery liked the VW commercial, mon.

Technology Council guru Derick Maggard also mentioned the Coke® commercial as an example of how a commercial can be heartwarming and unexpected.

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