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4 Free Tools From Digital Summit Charlotte 2015

By Kelsey Blevins, PR Account Coordinator

Jeremy and I had the opportunity to attend Digital Summit Charlotte last week and although everything was very valuable, I particularly loved these four tools.



There are two types of people. Unfortunately, I fall into the category on the right and admittedly the notifications on my phone are higher than that.


Now don’t get me wrong, I hate that little red oval. Despise it even. But I am just too deep into it; I can’t get out of the hole I have created for myself. Is it annoying that I wake up every morning to 20+ emails that I have no intention of opening? Yes. Do I miss important emails because I am scrolling through junk? Occasionally. But I don’t change. 

It’s partly a hoarding mentality. I almost never delete emails, because who knows I may need them one day. So what if I unsubscribe from an email list and miss getting the most important email of my life? Groupons for 50% off only come once in a lifetime.

This is why I need You simply sync your email account and it starts to identify all your subscriptions. My lucky number? 181. And that’s just for ONE of my email accounts. You then have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any of these email lists with just one click or you can choose to roll emails you love into one digestible email. Not only can you read what you want, but you can also choose the time you want it delivered. Now I can finally stop receiving all of those emails that I never signed up for (I got the hint, mom).

If you beat 181 subscriptions, tweet us



If you create any sort of content, you know it is not always easy to create relevant content. But how do you know what is relevant? What information are people searching for? How can you become the answer to the problem being Googled?

Keyword Tool uses Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of long-tail keywords. You know how when you start to Google a phrase a drop down menu appears with suggestions? Well this is like that, except you receive 800 suggestions instead of ten.

These aren’t just phrases pulled out of a hat, these are actually phrases people search on Google. So the next time you need to write a blog post, look no further than Keyword Tool for content ideas.

 Bonus tools:


3. Moz Title Tag


We’ve all seen it. The dreaded “…” cutting off a title in Google search. Most of the time we just skim over that result and move onto the next one.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.03.17 PM

But there is a very easy way to avoid this. Yes, you could count your title to make sure it is 55 characters or less, but there is still a chance that your title gets cut off. Enter Moz Title Tag. With this tool, you can test all your title options and see them displayed like they would show up in Google right on the webpage.


4. Google Mobile-Friendly Test


By now you’ve probably heard that starting April 21, 2015, Google will punish you if your website is not mobile-friendly. If your site is misconfigured for mobile users or you just don’t have a mobile-friendly option for consumers, you may see a drop in your search rankings.

Apparently Google woke up in a good mood because not only did they tell us about this update before it happened, they also have provided us with a tool, Mobile-Friendly Test, to see if our websites comply with their guidelines.

If your page doesn’t pass, you can dig further into Pagespeed Insights to find out what exactly the problem is and Google’s solution.

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