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4 Favorite Quotes to Inspire Your Marketing Research

As Access’ resident researcher, I can always find an issue that would benefit from further exploration. While many enthusiastically agree that research is a vital component to the project at hand, there are occasional situations (usually timeline or budget driven) where I find myself shouting excitedly about a particularly awesome fact-finding mission to a room of blank stares.

In those instances, rare as they might be, I find these quotes inspiring not only to myself, but also to the research skeptics out there.


Yep, the father of quantum theory recognized that taking the time to consider and ask the right questions helps avoid costly mistakes down the road. He may have been talking about physics, but the same holds true in marketing. While some problems are easy to solve, the ever-evolving advertising landscape means a revolving door of new challenges in reaching and resonating with the right crowd and staying above the noise. And those challenges can’t be solved without taking the time to consider the things we don’t yet know.


This quote is a real favorite at Access and often makes its way into pitches. The reason is pretty clear – opinions are great, but they don’t give you a leg to stand on when you’re asked to justify the strategy and direction behind your marketing plan. Gathering the right data, and interpreting it within the context of your specific goals will go a long way in creating campaigns that stick, generate ROI, and keep the C-suite happy.


The world of marketing moves fast and budgets get tight. That’s no excuse to skip critical steps like research that will only strengthen the success of your efforts. Be wary of any marketer who attempts to ignore data, or the opportunity to gather insights, in favor of his or her own assumptions.  You know what they say about someone who assumes…


Is there any literary character more inspiring than Atticus Finch? I’m hard pressed to find one. To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book of all time and I can continuously find wisdom between its pages to inspire me in just about any professional or personal context. When it comes to marketing, we cannot assume to understand our customers without putting ourselves in their shoes. And that means making the effort to engage with them. From social media communities to regular research touch points such as surveys, focus groups, and ambassador feedback panels, there are so many tools to help marketers consider their customers’ points of views – use them.


Inspiration comes in many forms. Hopefully these quotes may fuel your thought process as you search for inspiration in planning your next campaign. Happy fact finding!

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