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The 2019 Obligatory Super Bowl Blog

If you are a fan of defensive football with a deep understanding of the cover two defense, you may have really enjoyed the Super Bowl. The problem is that the vast majority of people who watch the Super Bowl don’t want to see that stuff. They want exciting offensive plays, scores rolling up like a pinball machine, and a halftime show that is not by Maroon 5.

In what has been dubbed by social media as the most boring Super Bowl ever, the Patriots prevailed , tying the Pittsburgh Steelers for the franchise with the most Lombardi trophies with six. And the biggest halftime show cheers were reserved for a cameo by SpongeBob SquarePants. 

But hey, who watches the Super Bowl for the football when the commercials are the real stars?  For the sixth year, Access staffers share their picks for the most memorable spots of the big game.


Todd: The NFL 100 Game

As a kid, I collected football cards of Larry Csonka and Terry Bradshaw.  I really enjoyed the blend of humor and heritage that the spot took while saluting the league’s 100th anniversary.


Tony: Audi Presents: Cashew

On the creative end, I thought “Audi Presents: Cashew” was wonderfully filmed and well-acted.


Jeremy and Greg: Washington Post – Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Greg was moved by the message that democracy can only exist with a strong, free, and unbiased fourth estate. Tom Hanks provided the voiceover.


Misty: Michael Bublé vs. Bubly

Misty said, “The Bubly commercial made me laugh and was my favorite. I will forever pronounce it as Bublé and if your name is Dave, I’m afraid I will never be able to say it correctly again. I’m sorry to all the Davés out there.”


Trina: Verizon: The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here

Also a salute to Trina’s son, who is a first responder.


Rachel: Stella Artois

Rachel liked that Stella Artois brought a couple of her favorite characters back into the limelight.


Chris: Kia Telluride 

Henson loved the delivery and tone of the story. “The stone-faced Georgia boy’s voiceover was arresting to me. ‘We’re going to make incredible things’ struck a chord with me.”


Brandi and Melissa: Amazon – Not Everything Makes the Cut

Several people enjoyed the Amazon commercial. Melissa said, “Harrison Ford and a cute dog are a great combination!” Dog lover Brandi said, “I really didn’t want to be this predictable, but of course the Amazon commercial where the dog keeps ordering food was my favorite. It made me laugh out loud every time I saw it.”


Gary: Google – 100 Billion Words

“My favorite was the Google translation ad. I thought it was a great branding ad with a positive message,” Gary said.


Kris: Hyundai: Elevator

Kris also expressed appreciation for the Microsoft adaptive game controller ad.


Michael: Gary Vaynerchuk tweet

This is definitely not a traditional ad, but it was super creative and still received more attention than most other “top-rated” ads. Gary targets the platform where people focus most of their attention in between plays and kills it without spending millions of dollars on special effects or celebrity appearances. 


Kudos to Chris Henson for getting up early for an interview of WSLS to talk about the Super Bowl commercials. 

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