5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Agency

Dear Clients, We like you. Do you like us? ☐ Yes     ☐ No     ☐ Maybe   While this is a pretty simple question dating back to many of our elementary school experiences, developing a relationship with your advertising agency can be just as simple.  We know it can be intimidating to engage the services of a professional, especially Read More.

I want a slideshow! A programmer’s take on why user empathy, not flashy trends is key to a great website.

When I first started creating websites AOL and Netscape were fighting for control of the World Wide Web (spoiler alert: neither won.) In those days, the web was very different. Dial-up connection speeds and non-existent standards meant that most websites were mostly text with maybe a tiny, grainy picture in the corner that took forever Read More.

Trade pubs can help you keep up with industry trends or gather dust. It’s up to you.

Advertising, like many industries, has a wide variety of trade publications that offer industry insights, predictions, new technologies, etc. One such publication that I enjoy is Adweek. Unfortunately, I’m sure it is equally as common in your daily life as it is in mine for daily tasks to take over every second of available time I Read More.