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The 2015 Obligatory Super Bowl Blog

As eagerly awaited as Katy Perry’s halftime performance. As awesome as riding a giant mechanical tiger. As misguided as a slant route at the 1-yard line as time is expiring, it’s time for our staff picks of our favorite Super Bowl commercials of 2015.

First of all, I think that shout-out is in order for Ms. Perry (and I am sure she’s reading) for including Old Dominion’s Missy Elliott in the halftime show.

And now without any further delay of game, here’s the staff picks:

Jerry gave his nod to Budweiser’s “Brewed the hard way” spot, saying it described the true essence of the brand. 

Kelsey gave her nod to Nationwide’s “Invisible Mindy Kaling” because the ad delivered laughs. Kelsey also said that she thought Mindy’s charm,  Julia Robert’s narration and Matt Damon’s surprise cameo won her over.

Brandi found a lot to like. She said. “Budweiser made me cry; Snickers and Esurance made me laugh; Coke and Dodge made me think; Always gave me chills – I love that they turned last year’s viral video into a Super Bowl ad and it would be my winner if it was new to me; but my favorite was the BMW commercial with Katie and Bryant – just merely for the fact that it blew the minds of a lot of young people that there was a time when the Internet was new…like Missy Elliott.”

Laura was a fan of the Dove+Men commercial, calling it an emotional, feel-good ad that she could connect with the brand and saying that it would make her more likely to purchase that product.

Tony said in the sea of ads trying so hard to impress, the Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial was fun, silly and made him smile.

Jeremy liked the Toyota “How Great I Am” spot saying it had a soft tie to the actual product they’re selling, but the fantastic Ali speech paired with inspiring visuals made a winner.

Dawn concurred with Brandi on the BMW spot as her favorite but also had kudos for the Always “Like a Girl” message.

Maddy the intern liked the Loctite Glue Positive Feelings spot.

Misty and Gary both singled out the “Coke Make It Happy” spot for its positive and hopeful take.

Melissa and Rachel both liked the Dodge Wisdom spot.

Todd admitted a fondness for the Snickers commercial featuring the Brandy Bunch.

Finally, a big thanks to our own Gary Gilmore for getting up early to offer commentary on WSLS. Check it out here.

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