Sweet Emotion

By Rachel Spencer, Director of Business Intelligence On the Myers-Briggs scale, I am a solid INFP. In simple terms, it means I geek out on establishing personal connections. I’d rather spend an hour really getting to know someone than making small talk with 50 people at a networking luncheon. I spend a lot of time in Read More.

You can practically smell it

By Jeremy Butterfield, Director of Public Relations Every PR pro and advertising professional wants to write copy that drives synergistic ROI and enables cutting-edge channels of communication. Ultimately, that message is leveraged by a company to expedite one-to-one users and incentivize distributed metrics. Warning: The preceding paragraph is filled with bullshit. Thanks to the wonders of the Read More.

I’m a crybaby…and an advertiser’s dream

By Brandi Dawson, Account Executive A commercial that makes you laugh can be memorable. A commercial that brings tears to your eyes, even more so. A commercial that makes you ugly-cry at your desk in an open office in front of your coworkers? An advertiser’s dream. Subaru’s “Dream Weekend” commercial is just that. An old dog’s owner Read More.