The End of “Mad Men” and an age of “–isms”

By Chris Henson, Creative Director Darren Stevens was an idiot. Sure, he married a woman who was several levels above his pay grade in looks, intelligence and personality. But she could work magic. And he strictly forbid it. Idiot. Photo credit: AMC Is it any wonder he worked in advertising in the 60s? “Bewitched” was a classic TV show Read More.

Flygate: nothing up in the air about it

By Todd Marcum, President Most of the time we’re really happy when we help a client make national news. Saturday was an exception. The News Guardians, which joins jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, and Valley Highlands on a list of misnomers, reported that a drone was spying on an open conservative gathering on Mill Mountain. This item was picked Read More.

Who knows you better than you know yourself? Crystal Knows

By Kelsey Blevins, PR Account Coordinator From beginning to end, email composition is an emotional roller coaster. This is especially true if you have never met or corresponded with the email recipient. Anxiety sets in as your fingers hover over the keyboard while trying to decide if you should start your email with “Hello,” “Hi,” “Good morning/afternoon” or Read More.