We’re flattered

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Interesting how the opening of this just released Lincoln commercial starring Matthew McConaughey so closely mirrors the Virginia’s Blue Ridge video Access produced earlier this year. The VBR video, produced by Dave Perry Cinematographer and widely distributed via industry blogs because of his groundbreaking use of Read More.

Lessons from “Factory Man”

By Todd Marcum, President I enjoyed reading “Factory Man,” Beth Macy’s fine chronicle of the furniture industry’s rise and demise in our region. It’s a great business cook, a compelling historic novel, and an interesting look at the character and characters that make our part of the world special. Beth’s first effort landed on the New York Read More.

This is why the Internet can’t have nice things

EA Sports, the creators of the wildly popular Madden 15 football game, thought they had a real marketing winner with the Madden GIFerator.  By now, marketers should have learned that the fickle hands that power the Internet can’t be trusted with anything as important as a brand. The site has generated some hilarious memes, many having Read More.

Icon from The Daisy Ad revisited

By Todd Marcum, President Check out this interesting article from The Arizona Republic interviewing the star of LBJ’s “Daisy” television commercial. Like Apple’s famed 1984 commercial, it aired only once but had such a significant impact that it became a part of advertising lore. It is considered among the first political attack ads and remains one of Read More.

Old Enough to Vote

Without a whole lot of fanfare, Access turned 18 on September 1. If Access were a person (and sometimes it seems as if it is), he or she could legally do a lot of things they could not do back in August. These include: Get a tattoo At Access, two-thirds of our folks have exercised their right to Read More.